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Sub-User Approval Process

Do you have multiple people ordering supplies for your company? Or perhaps you have a few different locations. It can be difficult to keep track and manage what your company orders and how often. But The Office Point has an easy, simple way of helping you out!
The Sub-User Approval Process

By using our approval process, you can make sure employees are not ordering excessively. You can even set a monetary limit for each order. Here's how it works.

The approval process allows multiple people to order for your company, whether it is going to the same location or to 10 different locations. You first set up one main username and password. This person is knows as the 'approver'. Then you create as many more usernames as you need, which are managed by the approver. These users are known as 'purchasers'. Any time a purchaser places an order, the order will be put on hold until the approver approves the order. The approver will receive an email notifying him/her that an order has been placed and needs approval. The approver can review what is being ordered and either approve, cancel, or modify the order. Only once the order is approved, the order will be processed by The Office Point for delivery.

Setting up multiple users is just as easy. Once you are logged in with your username, click on my account and then click on manage users. From here you can see who is already set up for approval, or add new users.

Of course if you have any questions, or would like help setting up the sub-user approval process for your company, just give us a call at 800-426-4915, or send an email to

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